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Course start date: December 1st 2018.
Bitcoin Price by 2020
Let's take a look at the BTC forecasts for 2019:

longforecast.com believes the key cryptocurrency will continue its gradual fall and that BTC/USD may reach $3017 by November 2019.

newsbtc.com analyst Damlas Ngetich on the opposite is extremely optimistic, claiming that the prices may skyrocket up to $250 000 by 2020. Although $250 000 sounds more like a fantasy, a lot of reputable analysts remain bullish about bitcoin. A former Goldman Sachs partner, Mike Novogratz thinks BTC may return to $20 000 mark next year.

If you keep looking further you will find all kinds of educated guesses, but it is crucial to remember that BTC rate is dependant on trust just as much as on technology.
Although bitcoin is decentralised, there are certain factors that influence BTC price and you simply need to learn them to become a smarter investor.
I believe in analysis and not forecasting.
About the author
Marina Generalova is a former InstaForex TV department manager, anchor, news writer. She has been analysing bitcoin price rises and falls since 2013 (that's over 5 years by now!). Marina writes texts about crypto, blockchain, finance and investments, forex and stock markets for large investment and massmedia companies and runs a blog on medium.com

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- Regular people who want to invest in bitcoin
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- Freelancers interested in becoming bitcoin analysts
- Anyone who wants to make money on crypto currencies

What will you learn?
- How bitcoin price is determined
- What causes sudden rises and falls of BTC/USD
- History of biggest BTC ups and downs and what we can learn from it
- Crypto influencers: people and companies whose opinions can shake the market
- Altcoin market review and perspective: ETH and smaller cryptocurrencies

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